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Safety Coordinator (CA)

This position identifies and eliminates hazardous conditions that affect workers, property and the environment. Also responsible for ensuring employees have proper and adequate training and personal protective equipment to perform assigned work tasks.

Core Values

  • Respect: Respect coworkers, customers, vendors and self. Shows respect for processes and methods related to job functions and company.
  • Integrity: Demonstrates integrity in work, professional relationships, processes and methods related to job functions and company.
  • Excellence: Demonstrates excellence in all areas of work including processes methods, relationships and professionalism.
  • Innovation: Demonstrates innovative solutions in job functions, methods, ideas, devices and company.

Job Specific Responsibilities

  • Safety and Health Compliance
  1. Ensure compliance with mandatory state and federal occupational health and safety laws within multiple FoxFarm facilities
  2. Ensure compliance with company safety policies
  3. Analyze workplace to determine if potential accident and/or health hazards exist
  4. Observe work practices and procedures to determine if potential accident and/or health hazards exist.
  5. Inspect equipment and machines to determine if potential accident and/or health hazards exist.
  6. Ensure equipment and machinery remains in safe working condition.
  7. Manage company Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.
  8. Manage company Hazard Communication Plan.
  9. Manage company Emergency Action Plan.
  10. Manage company Fire Prevention Plan.
  11. Conduct all initial safety training for new employees, new equipment, new processes, and new work practices.
  12. Conduct regular safety training meetings.
  13. Conduct refresher training.
  14. Ensure proper employee training for all work tasks.
  15. Ensure PPE is available.
  16. Ensure proper fit and use of PPE.
  17. Regularly inspect and maintain firefighting equipment.
  18. Regularly inspect and maintain emergency eye wash stations.
  19. Investigate accidents, injuries, illnesses, and near misses to determine cause and eliminate hazard.
  20. Manage OSHA form 300.
  21. Recommend action to eliminate any potential hazards.
  22. Develop and analyze company safety policies.
  23. Maintain all required records and documentation.
  • Environmental Compliance
  1. Remain current and aware of state and federal environmental laws and regulations.
  2. Work in conjunction with the Compliance Administrator to ensure compliance with mandatory state and federal environmental laws.
  3. Implement and manage training programs for environmental safety business plans.
  4. Act as a secondary contact person for county and state environmental agencies.
  5. Maintain fleet information for: Off Road Diesel, On Road Diesel, LSI forklifts, and portable equipment.  Ensure fleet remains within allowable compliance levels.
  6. Ensure proper training for all employees.
  • Conform with and abide by all regulations, policies, work procedures, and instructions.
  • All other tasks as assigned by the company.

Knowledge, Skill & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Safety and Risk Management or related field of study and/or a combination of education and three (3) years of professional level experience in safety administration and training.
  • Knowledge of state and federal safety laws.
  • Knowledge of state and federal environmental laws.
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize duties.
  • Ability to coordinate many activities.
  • Ability to follow through assignments with a minimum of direction.
  • Ability to operate machinery and equipment.
  • Must have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be detail oriented.

Physical Description                       

  • Typical Working Conditions
    • Outside environment, warehouse environment, and office environment.
    • Exposure to the elements.
    • Warehouse covered by California Proposition 65.
    • Exposure to hazardous materials.
    • Exposure to natural temperature fluctuations.
    • Exposure to varying noise levels.
    • Exposure to air particulates.
    • High levels of equipment traffic.
    • Exposure to moving machinery.
  • Equipment Used
    • Typical office equipment.
    • Soil bagging equipment.
    • Liquid bottling equipment.
    • Tanks and mixers.
    • Stretch wrapping equipment.
    • Forklifts, loaders and skid steers.
    • Quality control testing equipment.
  • Essential Physical Tasks
    • Must occasionally lift approximately 50 lbs.

Please Note

FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to an alcohol and drug free work environment. Pre-employment drug screening is required. No phone calls please.

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