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We are excited to announce that the Cultivation Nation® 3-Part Liquid and 2-Part Soluble Fertilizer Programs are available now!

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We have an ever-growing list of OMRI Listed® and CDFA OIM Registered products for your organic growing needs!

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Check out our Happy Frog® Product Line – including our potting soil, soil conditioner and all-purpose fertilizers.

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Check out our Bush Doctor® Product Line – including potting mixes, micronutrients, pest control and much more.



You have spoken! These are our five best selling products. Thanks for your appreciation!

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Potting Soil

Our most popular potting soil, Ocean Forest® is a powerhouse blend of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, and crab meal.

Liquid Fertilizer

For Organic Gardening, Big Bloom® Liquid Plant Food is a micro-brewed blend of fertilizers formulated to support multiple blooms with gentle nutrition throughout the growing season.

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Potting Soil

Happy Frog® Potting Soil is a nutrient-rich growing media for use in containers. It is amended with soil microbes that help improve root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake.

Soluble Fertilizer

Open Sesame®, Beastie Bloomz®, Cha Ching® – invite the whole family over. We designed our solubles to work together as part of a sequential feeding schedule for hydroponic and conventional growers.

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Liquid Fertilizer

Get your garden going with Grow Big®, our liquid concentrate fertilizer for lush vegetative growth.

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