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Bloom & Flowering Products

  • Cultivation Nation® Flower
    Cultivation Nation® Flower is a dry soluble fertilizer that supplies the nutrients needed to support fruiting and flowering.
  • Cultivation Nation® Bloom
    Cultivation Nation® Bloom is a liquid fertilizer that supplies the nutrients needed to support fruiting and flowering.
  • Tiger Bloom® Liquid Plant Food
    Tiger Bloom® is a phosphorus fertilizer that contains nitrogen to support vigorous growth.  Tiger Bloom® is designed to encourage abundant fruit, flower and multiple bud development.
  • Open Sesame® Soluble Fertilizer
    Open Sesame® is a blend of nutrients specifically designed for use during the early weeks of flowering. Open Sesame® supports vigorous flowering and bud development. Use in soilless mixes, soils, hydroponics and aeroponic systems.
  • Cha Ching® Soluble Fertilizer
    Cha Ching® is a high-phosphorus fertilizer that is designed to help support late stage fruiting processes.
  • Big Bloom® Liquid Plant Food
    Our Big Bloom® Liquid Plant Food is formulated for use on all plants and can be used every time you water. OMRI Listed® and Registered CDFA Organic Input Material.
  • Beastie Bloomz® Soluble Fertilizer
    Beastie Bloomz® is perfect for gardeners and growers who are ready to take their plants to the next level. This is a high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer formulated to support blossom development during the middle to late weeks of the flowering cycle.
  • Bush Doctor® Bembé®
    Bush Doctor® Bembé® is precisely created with a complex array of sugars and nutrients designed to help plants achieve enhanced sweetness qualities while providing a food source for the microbial populations at the root zone.