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Dry Fertilizers

  • Cultivation Nation® Flower
    Cultivation Nation® Flower is a dry soluble fertilizer that supplies the nutrients needed to support fruiting and flowering.
  • Cultivation Nation® Veggie
    Cultivation Nation® Veggie is a dry soluble fertilizer that supplies the nutrients needed to support vegetative growth.
  • FoxFarm Soluble Trio Pack
    We designed our soluble fertilizers to work together as part of a sequential feeding schedule for hydroponic and conventional growers. Check out Open Sesame®, Beastie Bloomz® and Cha Ching®, and see the results for yourself!
  • Open Sesame® Soluble Fertilizer
    Open Sesame® is a blend of nutrients specifically designed for use during the early weeks of flowering. Open Sesame® supports vigorous flowering and bud development. Use in soilless mixes, soils, hydroponics and aeroponic systems.
  • Marine Cuisine®
    Marine Cuisine® is an all-purpose fertilizer that blends ocean-based ingredients like crab meal, shrimp meal, seabird guano, and kelp with mineral plant foods to give your garden a quick boost and provide slow release nutrition.
  • Cha Ching® Soluble Fertilizer
    Cha Ching® is a high-phosphorus fertilizer that is designed to help support late stage fruiting processes.
  • Beastie Bloomz® Soluble Fertilizer
    Beastie Bloomz® is perfect for gardeners and growers who are ready to take their plants to the next level. This is a high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer formulated to support blossom development during the middle to late weeks of the flowering cycle.
  • American Pride® Slow Release Fertilizer
    American Pride® offers a mixture of immediately available nutrients and minerals to get your garden jumping, and slow-release fertilizers such as earthworm castings, bat guano and cottonseed meal.
  • Happy Frog® Jump Start Fertilizer
    Happy Frog® Jump Start Fertilizer is formulated for use on transplanted seedlings and re-potted container plants.
  • Happy Frog® Cavern Culture® Fertilizer
    Happy Frog® Cavern Culture® is specially formulated to deliver the nutrition necessary for flowering and bud development.
  • Happy Frog® Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer
    Happy Frog® Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer is specifically formulated for use on all veggies, tomato varieties, soft fruits, and berries.
  • Happy Frog® Japanese Maple Fertilizer
    Happy Frog® Japanese Maple Fertilizer contains phosphorus and potassium to support the needs of these beautiful trees. It is formulated for Japanese maples and all low pH feeders and evergreens.
  • Happy Frog® Fruit & Flower
    Happy Frog® Fruit & Flower Fertilizer helps support vigorous root systems.
  • Happy Frog® Citrus & Avocado Fertilizer
    Happy Frog® Citrus & Avocado Fertilizer provides slow-release nitrogen for vegetative growth.
  • Happy Frog® Steamed Bone Meal Fertilizer
    Happy Frog® Steamed Bone Meal is fine-screened and designed to provide phosphorus necessary for all stages of plant growth and flowering.
  • Happy Frog® All-Purpose Fertilizer
    Happy Frog® All-Purpose is a ready-to-use blend of fertilizers and soil microbes that delivers nutrition where your plants need it most.
  • Happy Frog® Acid Loving Plants Fertilizer
    Rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, and other acid-loving plants have special nutritional needs. Our Acid Loving Plants Fertilizer provides gentle slow-release nutrition for plants that require a low pH.

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